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Planned spending in the outcome area: strong economic growth

Planning Context

The government can help Canadians build a strong economy by creating the right conditions for Canadians to succeed. Tax relief measures, investments and competitive business taxes will help create jobs and boost Canada's productivity. Incentives to work, save, and invest will ultimately improve the living standards of Canadians.

Strong economic growth also includes economic development in all regions and sectoral competitiveness. The government recognizes that regional development policies are important components of a comprehensive strategy to help the regions of Canada exploit the opportunities in a global economy. An integral role of the federal government is to capitalize on regional strengths using a balanced approach in order to secure a higher standard of living and a better quality of life for all Canadians.  


Click here to find a list of all strategic outcomes and program activities contributing to this outcome area, and actual spending figures for each one. Follow the links further to find the Departmental Performance Reports of the federal organizations working in this outcome area.

Planned and Actual Spending strong economic growth

Did you know?

The Government of Canada will spend $10.8 billion in 2007-08 for activities that draw on strong economic growth. That’s 11.6% of all spending planned for Economic Affairs.