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Policy Instruments - Rescinded List (grouped by type)


Account Verification [2009-10-01]
Active Offer [2005-07-15]
Deposits, Policy on [2009-10-01]
Flexible Hours of Work [2008-10-17]
Garnishment, Policy on [2012-04-01]
Government PKI Policy [2007-07-07]
Hospitality Policy [2011-01-01]
Leave With Pay Policy [2009-04-01]
Loans, Policy on [2009-10-01]
Membership Fees Policy [2012-03-30]
Motor Vehicle Policy [2006-11-01]
Petty Cash, Policy on [2009-10-01]
Recognition Policy [2010-03-24]
Risk Management Policy [2010-09-03]
Variable Work Week [2008-10-17]
Volunteers Policy [2010-03-24]


Other instrument types

Union Dues Check Off [2011-03-01]