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2009-10-01Account Verification2009-10-01Acquisition Cards, Policy on2007-07-16Acting Pay for Executives, Policy on2010-06-01Active Monitoring, Policy on2005-07-15Active Offer2012-07-30Administration of the Public Service Pension Plan and Group Insurance and Other Benefit Programs, Policy on the2007-04-01Alternative Service Delivery, Policy onApplication of the Goods and Services Tax and the Harmonized Sales Tax in the Departments and Agencies of the Government of Canada, Policy on the - For FIS compliant Departments and Agencies2010-07-19Award Plan for Inventors and Innovators Policy2009-10-01Banking Compensation, Policy on2006-04-02Career Assignment Program Policy2010-03-24Charitable Organizations Policy2009-10-01Claims and Ex Gratia Payment, Policy on2009-10-01Classification and Coding of Financial Transactions, Policy onClassification Grievances, Policy onClassification System and Delegation of Authority, Policy on2010-07-01Collection and Remittance of Provincial Sales Taxes (Application of Reciprocal Taxation Agreements and Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreements), Policy on the2009-10-01Commitment Control, Policy on2006-07-15Communications Between Regions2005-07-15Communications with the Public2006-01-01Continuous Learning in the Public Service of Canada, A Policy for2009-10-01Control of Receiver General Cheques, Policy onData Matching 2009-10-01Delegation of Authorities, Policy on2009-10-01Departmental Bank Accounts, Policy on2006-03-06Deployment of Executives, Policy onDeployment Policy2009-10-01Deposits, Policy on2006-11-01Disposal of Surplus Moveable Crown Assets2006-11-01Disposal of Surplus Real Property, Treasury Board Policy on theElectronic Authorization and Authentication, Policy on2007-04-01Employee Takeover Policy2005-07-15Events of National or International Scope for the General Public2007-07-16Executive Employment Transition Policy2006-11-01Executive Vehicle Policy2006-11-01Federal Contaminated Sites and Solid Waste Landfills Inventory Policy, Treasury Board2006-11-01Federal Contaminated Sites Management Policy, Treasury Board2010-01-01Financial Systems and ControlsFire Protection, Investigation and Reporting (Chapters 2-5), Policy on2008-10-17Flexible Hours of Work2012-04-01Garnishment, Policy on2007-07-07Government PKI Policy2008-10-01Grants and Contributions, Policy on2012-09-30Harassment in the Workplace, Policy on Prevention and Resolution of2006-11-01Heritage Buildings Policy, Treasury Board2011-01-01Hospitality Policy2010-03-24Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)2004-04-01Identification of Functions or Positions, Policy on the2010-03-24Information and Referral Services for Child Care, Policy on2010-08-27Integrated Risk Management Framework2007-02-15Interchange Canada Policy2009-10-01Interdepartmental Settlements PolicyInternal Audit, Policy on2004-04-01Language of Work in "Bilingual" Regions2004-04-01Language of Work in "Unilingual" Regions2012-11-19Language of Work, Policy on2006-07-05Language Requirements for Members of the Executive Group, Policy Concerning the2004-04-01Language Training, Policy on2009-04-01Leave with Income Averaging Policy2009-04-01Leave With Pay Policy2009-04-01Leave Without Pay Policy2009-10-01Loans, Policy onLong-term Capital Plans, Policy on2009-10-01Losses of Money and Offences and Other Illegal Acts Against the Crown, Policy on2007-07-01Management of Government Information, Policy on theManagement of Government Interests - Archived version of 1994, policy onManagement of Information Technology PolicyManagement of Major Crown Projects2007-02-22Management of Overtime Policy2006-04-02Management Trainee Program PolicyMateriel Management Policy2010-07-19Maternity-related Reassignment or Leave Policy2012-03-30Membership Fees Policy2006-11-01Motor Vehicle Policy2012-11-19Official Languages for Human Resources Management, Policy on2006-11-01Open and Fair Real Property Transactions Policy, Treasury Board2006-07-01Organizational Authority and Classification of Executive Group Positions Effective July 1, 20032007-07-16Organizational Authority and Classification of Executive Group Positions Effective July 1, 2006Parking Policy, Responsibility for (Archived 2008-10-17)2004-04-01Participation of English-Speaking and French-Speaking CanadiansPart-time Employment2009-10-01Pay Administration, Comptrollership Policy on2014-04-01Payables at Year-End (PAYE), Policy on2009-10-01Payment Requisitioning and Payment on Due Date, Policy on2007-07-01Personnel Information Management2010-03-24Personnel Management, Monitoring, Audit and Evaluation2009-10-01Petty Cash, Policy on2009-04-01Pre-retirement Transition Leave PolicyProject Approval Policy2013-11-12Project Management Policy2006-11-01Real Property Accessibility Policy, Treasury Board2006-11-01Real Property Administration Policy, Treasury Board2006-11-01Real Property Environment Policy, Treasury Board2006-11-01Real Property Investment Policy, Treasury Board2006-11-01Real Property Management Framework Policy, Treasury Board2006-11-01Real Property Revenue Policy, Treasury Board2006-11-01Real Property Transactions, Processes, and Authorities Policy2009-10-01Receivables Management, Policy on2010-03-24Recognition Policy2009-10-01Recording of Refunds of Expenditures and Repayments of Advances, Policy on2009-10-01Recording Receipts of Money, Policy on2009-04-01Responsibilities and Organization for Comptrollership, Policy on2010-09-03Risk Management PolicySalary Administration for the Career Assignment Programme Group, Policy for 2001-04-01Salary Administration Instructions - Executive (EX) Group2002-09-01Salary Administration Instructions for the Performance Management Program for the Executive (EX) Group2014-01-06Salary administration policy - Law Group - Department of Justice and other excluded legal officers2008-06-29Salary Administration Policy - Management Trainee Group2009-03-25Salary administration policy for certain non-Management Category senior excluded levels2007-07-13Salary Administration Policy for the Executive Group2008-11-09Salary Administration Policy for the Executive Group2014-10-01Service Improvement in the Government of Canada, A Policy Framework for2009-04-01Smoking in the workplace2009-10-01Specified Purpose Accounts, Policy on2004-04-01Staffing of Bilingual Positions, Policy on the2013-02-14Statutory Financial Reporting, Policy on2008-12-04Streamlining Statutory Reporting, Policy onTaxis Policy2007-07-16Terms and Conditions of Employment for Executives2007-07-16Terms and Conditions of Employment for Executives2008-11-19Terms and Conditions of Employment for ExecutivesTitle to Intellectual Property Arising Under Crown Procurement Contracts, Policy onUse of Electronic Networks, Policy on the2012-11-19Use of Official Languages for Communications with and Services to the Public, Policy on the2006-11-01Use of Real Property Facilities Policy, Treasury Boardusing the Official Languages on Electronic Networks, Policy on2009-10-01Using Travellers Cheques, Travel Cards and Travel Accounts, Policy on2008-10-17Variable Work Week2010-03-24Volunteers Policy


2010-06-01Accounting Standard 1.1 - Treasury Board - Policy and Principles2012-10-04Accounting Standard 1.2 - Treasury Board - Departmental and Agency Financial Statements2012-12-21Accounting Standard 3.3 - Treasury Board - Prepayments2011-09-28Common Look and Feel Standards for the Internet, Part 1: Standard on Web Addresses2011-08-01Common Look and Feel Standards for the Internet, Part 2: Standard on the Accessibility, Interoperability and Usability of Web Sites2011-09-28Common Look and Feel Standards for the Internet, Part 3: Standard on Common Web Page Formats2014-02-28Common Look and Feel Standards for the Internet, Part 4: Standard on Email2010-04-01Fire Alarm Systems, Standard2010-04-01Fire Inspections, Standard for2010-04-01Fire Protection Services - General2010-04-01Fire Protection Standard for Correctional Institutions2010-04-01Fire Protection Standard for Design and Construction2010-04-01Fire Protection Standard for Electronic Data Processing EquipmentInternal Auditing Standards for the Government of Canada2010-12-09Organizational Project Management Capacity, Standard for2014-10-20Personnel Security Standard2010-12-09Project Complexity and Risk, Standard for2009-09-17TBITS 13: A Guideline on Office Ergonomics - Implementation Criteria2009-09-17TBITS 18: Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standards, Guidelines for Selection and Use - Implementation Criteria2009-09-17TBITS 19: Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance in Design/Development, Production, Installation and Servicing - Implementation Criteria2009-09-17TBITS 20: Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance in Production and Installation - Implementation Criteria2009-09-17TBITS 21: Quality Systems - Model for Quality Assurance in Final Inspection and Test - Implementation Criteria2009-09-17TBITS 22: Guidelines for the Application of ISO 9001 to the Development, Supply and Maintenance of Software - Implementation Criteria2009-09-17TBITS 27: Information Technology, Software Life-Cycle Processes - Implementation Criteria2009-09-17TBITS 28: Evaluation and Selection of Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tools - Implementation criteria2009-09-17TBITS 35: Flexible Disk Cartridges - Implementation Criteria2012-03-31TBITS 39: Treasury Board Information Management Standard Part 2: Controlled Vocabulary Standard2012-03-31TBITS 39: Treasury Board Information Management Standard, Part 1: Government On-Line Metadata Standard



Other types

2009-10-01Acceptance of credit cards as means of payment for goods and services provided by the Government2009-10-01Accepting Credit Cards as Means of Payment for Goods and Services Provided by the Government2009-10-01Acquisition Cards - Information Bulletin - 1999-09-142009-10-01Acquisition Cards - Internet Transactions2013-06-01Administration and Licensing of Crown Copyright, Communications Policy of the Government of Canada: Procedures for the2009-10-01Advance Payments - Information Bulletin - 1995-08-182010-06-21Audit of Federal Contributions - Part II: Suggested Approaches and Procedures, Guide on the2013-06-01Canada Gazette, Communications Policy of the Government of Canada: Procedures for the2009-10-01Changes to the Payment on Due Date PolicyClassification grievance procedure2014-11-28Communications Policy of the Government of Canada: Procedures2009-10-01Contingent Liabilities of the Government of Canada and Consequential Policies with Regard to the Reporting of the Financial Position of, and Insurance Schemes Operated by, Crown Corporations, Policy on the2013-06-01Contracting Film, Video, and Multimedia Productions, Communications Policy of the Government of Canada: Procedures for2009-10-01Corcan-Acceptance of Acquisition Credit Card - Information Bulletin - 1999-03-012009-10-01Corcan-Acceptance of Acquisition Credit Card - Information Bulletin - 1999-11-292016-02-02Costing, Guide to2009-10-01Credit Cards Security Issue - Information Bulletin - 1999-12-032009-10-01Delegation of Financial Authorities (Notice)2013-06-01Depository Services Program and Central Publishing Database, Communications Policy of the Government of Canada: Procedures for the2009-10-01Drawdown Policy for Crown Corporation Funding2009-10-01Financial considerations to be made when receiving funds through donations - Information Bulletin - 1998-05-14Fire Protection, Investigation and Reporting Policy Notice, Policy on2009-10-01Government Acquisition Card Contract - Information Notice - 2001-11-05Mixed and Joint Enterprise Corporations - TB Circular 1987-46 - Archived, Reporting Policy for2007-04-01Mixed and Joint Enterprise Corporations, Reporting Policy for2012-11-19Official Languages Policy Framework2009-10-01Physical Asset Transfers to Crown and Other Wholly-owned Corporations, Policy on the Approval for, and Accounting of2013-06-01Planning and Producing Publications for Sale, Communications Policy of the Government of Canada: Procedures for2009-10-01Regulations Governing Security for Debts Due to Her Majesty2009-10-01Retention of Federal Fees, etc. by Provinces and Collectors - Information Bulletin - 1996-09-20
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