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Account Verification, Directive onAccountable Advances, Directive onAcquisition Cards, Directive onAdministration of Required Training, Directive on theAdministration of the Access to Information Act, Directive on theApplication of the Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax, Directive on theBilingualism Bonus DirectiveCareer Transition for Executives, Directive onClaims and Ex Gratia Payments, Directive onClassification Grievances, Directive onClassification Oversight, Directive onClassification, Directive onCommuting Assistance DirectiveContingencies, Directive onControlled Goods DirectiveDefence Scientific Service Group - Pay PlanDelegation of Financial Authorities for Disbursements, Directive onDepartmental Bank Accounts, Directive onDepartmental Security Management, Directive onDisposal of Surplus Materiel, Directive onElectronic Authentication and Authorization of Financial Transactions, Directive onEvaluation Function, Directive on theExecutive (EX) Group Organization and Classification, Directive onExecutive Compensation, Directive onExpenditure Initiation and Commitment Control, Directive onFinancial Management of Pay Administration, Directive onFleet Management: Executive Vehicles, Directive onFleet Management: Light Duty Vehicles, Directive onForeign Service DirectivesGeneral, Directives and Standards - Occupational Health and SafetyHarassment Complaint Process, Directive on theIdentity Management, Directive onInformation Management Roles and Responsibilities, Directive onInterchange Canada, Directive onInternal Auditing in the Government of Canada, Directive onInternal Support Services, Directive onIsolated Posts and Government Housing DirectiveLeave and Special Working Arrangements, Directive onLoans and Loan Guarantees, Directive onLosses of Money or Property, Directive onManagement of Information Technology, Directive onMotor Vehicle Operations DirectiveOccupational Health and Safety DirectiveOfficial Languages (Communications with and Services to the Public) Regulations, Directive on the Implementation of theOfficial Languages for Communications and Services, Directive onOfficial Languages for People Management, Directive onOpen Government, Directive onPayment Requisitioning and Cheque Control, Directive onPayment, Collection and Remittance of Provincial Taxes and Fees, Directive on thePerformance Management Program (PMP) for Executives, Directive on thePerformance Management, Directive onPerformance pay for represented employees in the Administrative and Foreign Service CategoryPesticides Directive - Chapter 2-15Privacy Impact Assessment, Directive onPrivacy Practices, Directive onPrivacy Requests and Correction of Personal Information, Directive onPublic Service Health Care Plan Directive - April 1, 2006Receipt, Deposit and Recording of Money, Directive onReceivables Management, Directive onRecording Financial Transactions in the Accounts of Canada, Directive onRecordkeeping, Directive onRelocation Directive, NJCSalary Administration - University Teachers (UT) (Employer/Union Agreement) (#658)Sale or Transfer of Surplus Real Property, Directive on theSocial Insurance Number, Directive onSpecial Travel AuthoritiesSpecified Purposes Accounts, Directive onStewardship of Financial Management Systems, Directive on theTerms and Conditions of Employment for Certain Excluded/Unrepresented Employees, Directive onTerms and Conditions of Employment, Directive onTransfer Payments, Directive onTravel Cards and Travellers Cheques, Directive onTravel DirectiveTravel, Hospitality, Conference and Event Expenditures, Directive onUniforms DirectiveUnion Dues, Directive onUse of the Consolidated Revenue Fund for Crown Corporations, Directive on theWork Force Adjustment DirectiveYear-End Recording of Payables, Directive on
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