Policies, directives, standards and guidelines

The policy suite is a collection of all Treasury Board approved policies and related instruments for organizations across the Government of Canada.

Policy Instruments - A to Z List

Acceptable Network and Device Use, Guideline onAcceptable Network and Device Use, Policy onAccess to Information, Policy onAccessibility Standard for Real PropertyAccount Verification, Directive onAccountable Advances, Directive onAccountable Advances, Guideline onAccounting for Inventories, Policy onAccounting for Non-Monetary Transactions, Policy onAccounting Standard 1.2 - Treasury Board - Departmental and Agency Financial StatementsAccounting Standard 1.3 - Treasury Board - Departmental and Agency Quarterly Financial ReportAccounting Standard 2.2 - Treasury Board - MaterialityAccounting Standard 3.1 - Treasury Board - Capital AssetsAccounting Standard 3.1.1 - Treasury Board - SoftwareAccounting Standard 3.2 - Treasury Board - Transfer Payments (Grants and Contributions)Accounting Standard 3.4 - Treasury Board - InventoriesAccounting Standard 3.6 - Treasury Board - ContingenciesAcquisition Cards Program - Transfer of operational responsibility for the Government of CanadaAcquisition Cards, Directive onAdministration of Required Training, Directive on theAdministration of the Access to Information Act, Directive on theAllocating Positions Using the 1999 Occupational Group Definitions, Guide toAllowances for Valuation of Assets and Liabilities, Policy onApplication of Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax, Guideline on theApplication of the Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax, Directive on theAppraisals and Estimates Standard for Real PropertyAttribution of Internal Services, Guideline on theAudit Committees in Crown Corporations and Other Public Enterprises, Guidelines forAuthentication Requirements, Guideline on Defining
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