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Guideline for Employees of the Government of Canada: Information Management (IM) Basics

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This guideline will continue to evolve over time based on feedback and suggestions from related communities of interest.

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Overview of Contents Who Should Read These Guidelines The Value of Managing Information Managing information - Who is responsible? Key principles for managing information in all media Managing Information-In Practice Plan for your information needs Create and collect information Organize your information Reuse and share information Maintain and protect information Transfer or destroy the right information at the right time Manage Information Based on Its Value Document your business activities and decisions Keep information for as long as it is needed, then transfer or destroy it Penalties for unauthorized destruction Managing Electronic Information and Email Organizing information on shared drives Filing electronic information What about email messages? A word about wikis, blogs, and collaborative spaces Safeguard and Protect Information Classified information Protected information Recognize information resources that require formal protection Job Change Can Affect Information Management Practices When leaving a job When starting a new job Where You Can Find More Help The experts The knowledge resources Appendix A Definitions