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MAF Methodology and Results

The Treasury Board Secretariat carries out assessments of management performance annually. Organizations are assessed against Areas of Management that measure each of the 10 elements of the Management Accountability Framework (MAF) and are given a rating based on an assessment scale. These assessments do not present an assessment of management quality beyond these Areas of Management, nor do they reflect the level of effort a department may be making towards improving the quality of its management. The assessments may not reflect the latest information available.

Annual MAF Assessments

2012-13 Assessments

2011-12 Assessments

2010-11 Assessments

2009-10 Assessments

2008-09 Assessments

2007-08 Assessments

2006-07 Assessments

For information concerning MAF assessments prior to 2007, please visit the Library and Archives Canada website.