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Management Accountability Framework Results for 2010-11

The Management Accountability Framework (MAF) is a key performance management tool that the federal government uses to improve management practices across departments and agencies.

At the end of each cycle of MAF, the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada posts on its website the assessments for each of the organizations assessed.

Approach to 2010-11 MAF Assessments

Further improvements to the MAF were implemented in 2010-11. These include a reduction in the number of areas of management assessed from 19 to 15. This was achieved through the integration of complementary areas of management.

In total, 42 large departments and agencies and 4 small departments and agencies were assessed in 2010-11.

Overall 2010-11 MAF Results

Results show that overall management performance continues to improve. These results reflect the progress made in implementing Treasury Board policies, advances in the renewal of the Treasury Board policy suite, and other ongoing efforts by the Secretariat to reduce the web of rules. Results also reflect efforts to build capacity in communities of practice within the federal government.

Most organizations demonstrated effective governance regimes and annual business planning processes. Many improved the integration of their business planning through strategic priority setting, corporate risk identification and other planning activities such as investment planning. There was also improvement in financial planning processes to allow for the allocation of budgets to managers earlier in the fiscal year.

The implementation of the Policy on Internal Audit has shown that a phased‑in approach to achieve compliance with policy requirements was effective. MAF assessments have demonstrated consistent improvements in internal audit governance structures and the health of the internal audit function.

Federal organizations are making improvements to their performance measurement frameworks, which suggests that there is increased ability government‑wide to identify and monitor performance indicators and report on how resources are achieving results.

While the majority of organizations have information management plans and strategies in place, MAF assessments found that the management of electronic information continues to be an area of challenge. Nevertheless, compliance with legislative access to information and privacy requirements is improving, particularly in large organizations.

Participating Departments and Agencies