Careers in finance and internal audit within Canada’s federal public service

The Financial Officer and Internal Auditor Recruitment and Development (FORD/IARD) Program recruits eligible university graduates for full-time, entry-level positions in a wide range of departments and agencies throughout the federal government.

In addition to on-the-job training, program participants are supported in obtaining a professional accounting designation or internal audit certification.

  • Jobs are available across the country.
  • Bilingualism is a requirement for many positions.

New for 2016 – Student Employment Pilot Program!

Student employment positions will be available for summer 2016. Students, who are currently in their third year of a University academic program, will be hired through the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) in financial management positions within federal government departments in the National Capital Region. Students occupying these positions will have the opportunity to:

  • Enrich their academic programs.
  • Develop their employability skills.
  • Evaluate their career options within the federal public service.

Students who participate in this Pilot Program may have the potential of bridging into full-time positions upon graduation.

Timelines for Applying

Student Employment Pilot Program:

Students can apply for financial management positions through the Public Service Commission's (PSC's) FSWEP if they possess the following competencies:

  • Knowledge of financial information analysis principles.
  • Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) (including IFRS).
  • Knowledge of spreadsheet software (Excel / Quattro Pro).

Participating departments will select students from the FSWEP program for summer employment beginning in May of 2016.

FORD/IARD Program:

We recruit in September and early October during the Public Service Commission's (PSC's) annual fall Post-Secondary Recruitment Campaign. Applications must be submitted online through the PSC website during the fall campaign.

In order to ensure fairness for all candidates, the screening and evaluation process is rigorous and takes several months.

Successful applicants to the FORD Program will be invited for interviews in November and December of 2016 for employment opportunities upon graduation in the spring of 2017.

Applicants to the IARD Program will undergo testing in the fall of 2016 and successful applicants will be invited for interviews during the winter and early spring for employment opportunities upon graduation in the spring of 2017.

When a candidate accepts a job offer, it may take six to eight weeks for a department or agency to complete the hiring process, which may include language testing and a security clearance.

Developing your potential

A key objective of the federal public service is to encourage and support lifelong learning for employees. As a student and as a FORD/IARD Program trainee, you'll share in the benefits of this commitment.

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