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Federal Elder Abuse Initiative:

Plans, Spending and Results

Name of lead department: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Lead Department Program Activity: Social Development

Start Date: April 1, 2008

End Date: March 31, 2011

Total Federal Funding Allocation (from start date to end date): $13.05M

Description of the Horizontal Initiative (including funding agreement):

The overarching objectives of the Federal Elder Abuse Initiative (FEAI) was to raise awareness of elder abuse throughout society, particularly among seniors, their families, and key professional groups, and to ensure the availability of appropriate elder abuse-related information, resources and tools.

To address this, federal elder abuse activities were coordinated interdepartmentally, involving the cooperation and collaboration of the Department of Justice Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) under the leadership of HRSDC.

The centrepiece of the FEAI was a public awareness campaign using various media, in particular, television. Generic information and resource materials for frontline workers (medical and legal, etc.) was developed to provide key professional groups with the information necessary to identify cases of elder abuse, access the appropriate resources, and take measures to provide assistance to victims.

On March 31, 2011 the FEAI successfully concluded and fulfilled its mandate and activities as outlined in this three-year initiative. Elder abuse related information will remain on the seniors portal as a valuable resource for Canadians seeking information on the issue.

Shared Outcomes:

Seniors, their families, the general population and frontline professionals are more aware of elder abuse and what to do to respond to it.

Governance Structure:

The Seniors and Pensions Policy Secretariat within HRSDC is the focal point for Government of Canada activities related to seniors.

The Task Force on Elder Abuse within the Seniors and Pensions Policy Secretariat lead a working group of officials from partner departments/agencies to coordinate the implementation of Government of Canada initiatives to raise awareness and to develop and disseminate tools and supports for frontline workers. Partner departments/agencies retain responsibility for planning, programming and budgeting their own resources to implement their activities.

The working group developed a performance measurement framework, including a logic model, to identify the relationships between departmental/agency activities, outputs, and outcomes, and a suite of performance indicators to measure progress against outputs/outcomes. The working group coordinated reporting and monitored performance and results over the course of the initiative.

The Interdepartmental Committee on Seniors provided senior-level oversight and direction for the Federal Elder Abuse Initiative. The Committee provided a forum to update federal departments on the progress and achievements of the initiative and identifies opportunities to align the initiative with other government initiatives and priorities.

Contact information:

Dominique La Salle, Director General
Seniors and Pensions Policy Secretariat
Income Security and Social Development
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355 North River Road
Ottawa ON
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