Management Accountability Framework

The Management Accountability Framework (MAF) is a framework for management excellence, accompanied by an annual assessment of management practices and performance in most departments and agencies of the Government of Canada.

The MAF is a key tool of oversight that is used by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) to help ensure that federal departments and agencies are well managed, accountable and that resources are allocated to achieve results.


The Management Accountability Framework establishes the expectations for sound public sector management practices and performance. The MAF supports the management accountability of organizational deputy heads and improves management practices across government departments and agencies.

The objectives of the MAF are:

  • To obtain an organizational and government-wide view of the state of management practices and performance;
  • To inform Deputy Ministers and Heads of Agencies about their organizations’ management capacity;
  • To inform the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat about the state of policy implementation and practices;
  • To identify areas of management strength and any areas that require attention;
  • To communicate and track progress on government-wide management priorities; and,
  • To continuously improve management capabilities, effectiveness and efficiency government-wide.


MAF is a framework for a well-managed organization. It sets out the conditions that are required to achieve strong organizational performance.

Elements of the Framework: A description of the graphic can be found at the link located below

In order to achieve management excellence, each element of the framework needs to have been considered and put into place.

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