Government of Canada information technology

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat provides strategic direction and guidance for the sound and effective management of IT governance, accountability structures, and IT investment planning across government.


Secure use of portable storage devices within the Government of Canada
Read direction for Government of Canada departments and agencies on their responsibilities when using USB devices, eSATA devices, tablets, laptops, smart devices (e.g., BlackBerry devices), cameras, and portable media such as  tapes and optical discs (e.g., CDs and DVDs).
Technical Requirements for Internet Protocol Version 6 (Ipv6) Network Equipment Procurement Guideline
Learn about Internet standards that should be included in requirements for procuring network equipment that will be deployed in the Government of Canada. This is the technical requirements companion to the Internet Protocol Version 6 Network Equipment Procurement Guideline the Government of Canada Pv6 Adoption Strategy.
Report on the State of Aging IT Across the Government of Canada
Read about the state of IT systems across the Government of Canada based on findings of an assessment of IT systems conducted with 98 departments and agencies between July and December 2010. This report was formulated in response to the findings outlined in Chapter 1 of the Auditor General’s spring 2010 report to Parliament, which evaluated whether five federal entities had adequately examined and managed the risks related to aging IT systems and whether the Chief Information Officer Branch (CIOB) of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat had provided direction or leadership in developing government-wide responses to aging IT risks.
Profile of GC Information Technology Services
This profile sets out an enterprise view for the Government of Canada's IT programs. It supports developing consistent IT service descriptions and more detailed IT service catalogues of IT service providers (as required), and establishing a basis for common planning, designing and communicating IT services across government.


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