Federal Identity Program (FIP) coordinators

Deputy heads are responsible for overseeing the administration of the Government of Canada’s corporate identity within their departments. Heads of communications are responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements in the Directive on the Management of Communications. A FIP coordinator provides advice and support within their department about the use of the official symbols of the Government of Canada to ensure compliance with policy requirements.

For departments that have not designated a FIP coordinator, the head of communications is listed as the departmental contact.

For any issue or question related to the FIP, please contact the FIP coordinator in your department.

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Institutions starting with the letter A

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Gail Hewitt
613-773-0234 | Senior Communications Advisor, Public Affairs Branch

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
Greg Rogers
506-851-7814 | Manager, Corporate Communications

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Institutions starting with the letter C

Canada Border Services Agency
Luc Nadon
613-941-4677 | Senior Communications Advisor

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions
Jihane Daoud
514-283-1368 | Communications Advisor

Canada Industrial Relations Board
Justine Abel
613-947-5432 | Director, Case Management Services

Canada Revenue Agency
Caroline Mitchell
613-957-9493 | Director, Branding and Marketing Division

Canada School of Public Service
Monique Martin
613-996-9476 | Manager, Communications

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Eleanor Westwood
905-572-2981x4408 | Manager, Communications

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Toban Morrison
819-635-2067 | Manager, Communications

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Joanne McCarthy
613-773-6477 | Production Coordinator, Marketing and Creative Services

Canadian Grain Commission
Cheryl MacDonald Deda
902-354-7297 | Co-ordinator, Multimedia services

Canadian Heritage
Dominique Collin
819-953-9307 | A/Manager

Canadian Human Rights Commission
Nicole Cléroux
613-943-9356 | Manager, Executive Services

Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Claire Rochon
613-948-5789 | Manager, Creative Services

Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat
Simone Healey
613-293-6359 | Planning and Reporting Analyst

Canadian International Trade Tribunal
Dominique Laporte
613-993-3595 | Secretary of the Tribunal and Director of Corporate Services

Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency
Wanda Thompson
613-995-9415 | Director, Communications

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Sophie Dagenais
613-995-9684 | Director, Creative Services Division

Canadian Polar Commission
John Bennett
613-943-0716 | Manager, Information

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
Jean Leclair
613-302-8056 | Manager, Creative Services

Canadian Transportation Agency
Kate Stuparyk
819-997-0344 | Communications Officer

Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP
Anna Van Dusen
613-952-1290 | Communications Officer

Copyright Board Canada
Nancy Laframboise
613-946-7289 | Manager, Corporate Services

Correctional Service Canada
Lindsay Holloway
613-943-3007 | A/Communications Advisor

Courts Administration Service
Yves Leclair
613-943-4782 | Director, Corporate Secretariat

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Institutions starting with the letter D

Department of Finance Canada
Shawn Dunn
613-992-3575 | Publishing Planning Officer, Publishing and Operations

Department of Justice Canada
Jon Gauthier
613-316-8787 | Acting Manager

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Institutions starting with the letter E

Employment and Social Development Canada
Anne Latreille
819-654-1779 | Chief, Publishing

Environment and Climate Change Canada
Jennifer Barr
819-938-9143 | Creative and Production Manager

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Institutions starting with the letter F

Farm Products Council of Canada
Chantal Lafontaine
613-995-9148 | Communications Officer

Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Elisa Way
519-573-9845 | Manager, Corporate Affairs and Information Services

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
Martin Champoux
613-941-1452 | Marketing Manager

Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada
Tanya Fortin
613-943-5312 | Communications Officer

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Amy Corrigan
613-993-7838 | Communications Officer

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
Nathalie Bélanger
343-203-1745 | Deputy Director, Creative Services and Enquiries

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Institutions starting with the letter G

Global Affairs Canada
Nathalie Bélanger
343-203-1745 | Deputy Director, Creative Services and Enquiries

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Institutions starting with the letter H

Health Canada
Michel Pixel
613-790-0780 | Manager Creative Services

Human Rights Tribunal of Canada
Bernard Fournier
613-947-1140 | Director, Corporate Services

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Institutions starting with the letter I

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
Jean Pertus
613-617-0435 | Senior E-Communications Advisor

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Jean Richer
613-437-9429 | Assistant Director, Publishing and Creative Services

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Barbara Kieley
613-668-3980 | Communications advisor

Infrastructure Canada
Craig Carson
613-960-5667 | Communications Advisor

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Ivy Sinkunas
613-759-2172 | Senior Publishing Advisor

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Institutions starting with the letter L

Library and Archives Canada
Eric Quesnel
613-769-5440 | Graphic Designer

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Institutions starting with the letter M

Military Grievances External Review Committee
Najwa Asmar
613-995-5120 | Manager, Communications Services

Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada
Sylvain Roy
613-947-5704 | Chief of Staff

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Institutions starting with the letter N

National Defence
Yanick Duval-Gagnon
514-390-4999 | Supervisor, Graphics Team

National Energy Board
Paul Lackhoff
403-299-2713 | Team Leader, Communications

National Film Board
Lily Robert
514-283-3838 | Director, Communications

National Research Council Canada
Rosanne Mensour
613-998-5229 | Creative Services

Natural Resources Canada
Nyree Costello
343-291-2096 | Manager, Creative Services

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Institutions starting with the letter O

Office of the Auditor General of Canada
Céline Bissonnette
613-952-0213 | Senior Communications Advisor

Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada
Marc A. Giroux
613-995-7438 | Deputy Commissioner

Office of the Communications Security Establishment Commissioner
William Galbraith
613-992-3044 | Executive Director

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Institutions starting with the letter P

Parks Canada
Gerald Boulet
902-426-7197 | Design Advisor

Parole Board of Canada
Mark Prieur
613-954-6618 | Manager, Communications

Patented Medicine Prices Review Board Canada
Sylvie Dupont
613-954-8299 | Director, Board Secretariat & Communications

Privy Council Office
Stéphanie Albert
613-948-5824 | Communications Advisor

Public Prosecution Service of Canada
Daniel Brien
613-946-3821 | Director, Communications

Public Safety Canada
Joe Muise
613-944-4879 | Senior Communications Advisor

Public Servants Disclosure Protection Tribunal Canada
Lyne Gélinas
613-943-8316 | Director Planning and Corporate Services

Public Service Commission of Canada
Raymond Côté
819-420-6518 | Manager, Creative Services

Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board
Catherine Wright-Cadieux
613-990-1752 | Manager, Communications and Corporate Reporting

Public Services and Procurement Canada
Edward Mak
819-420-5451 | Senior designer

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Institutions starting with the letter R

RCMP External Review Committee
David Paradiso
613-998-2874 | Executive Director and Senior Counsel

Registry of the Competition Tribunal
Raynald Chartrand
613-957-7851 | Deputy Head/Registrar

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Lisa Nielsen
613-843-4553 | Manager, Corporate Publishing Section

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Institutions starting with the letter S

Science and Engineering Research Canada
Jean-François Plante
613-943-1397 | Manager, Creative Services

Shared Services Canada
Sylvie Latulippe
613-286-3696 | Manager, e-Communications

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Nathalie Mendonça
613-992-0694 | Manager, Creative Services

Statistics Canada
Lucie Gauthier
613-951-5374 | Dissemination Internet Services Chief, Communications and Dissemination Branch

Status of Women Canada
Nancy-Jean Waugh
613-995-7839 | Director General, Communications and Strategic Planning Directorate

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Institutions starting with the letter T

The Correctional Investigator Canada
Manuel Marques
613-990-2692 | Director, Corporate Services and Planning

The National Battlefields Commission
Joanne Laurin
418-649-6251 | Communications Officer

Transport Canada
Claude Hudon
613-990-8590 | Senior Communications Advisor, Web Creative & Internal Communications

Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada
Sonny Kim
613-998-1276 | Director, Corporate Services

Transportation Safety Board of Canada
Jacqueline Roy
819-994-8051 | Director, Communications, Communications Division

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Joanne Nadeau
613-948-9484 | Manager, Publishing & Corporate Identity

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Institutions starting with the letter V

Veterans Affairs Canada
Gail E. Ferris
902-566-8491 | Team Lead (Web Publishing & Print Production)

Veterans Review and Appeal Board
Danielle Gauthier
902-566-8575 | Head of Communications

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Institutions starting with the letter W

Western Economic Diversification Canada
Nimali Ramanayake
613-960-6481 | Communications Officer, Consultation, Marketing and Communications

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