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Federal Identity Program Manual

FIP ManualThe FIP Manual is issued under the authority of the FIP policy and applies to institutions subject to the Federal Identity Program Policy. All institutions, including those not subject to the policy in full, must nevertheless comply with FIP requirements concerning the use and display of the official symbols of the Government of Canada.

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Important Updates

Volumes of the FIP Manual are posted on this web site in their original published form. Since their publishing (1987-1996), several events have occurred that require specific mention. Additionally, reference may be made in the FIP Manual to documents or government policies which have since been since superseded by other documents.

1. Coat of Arms modified in 1994

The Coat of Arms, also known as the Arms of Canada, was modified in 1994. The modified version supersedes the former design of the Coat of Arms. In all instances where the Coat of Arms is displayed, institutions must ensure the correct version is used.

2. Standard for Primary identification sign modified 1996

Modifications to the primary identification signs affect the top band or blade. The modified standard requires the use of a light grey blade on top equal to the bottom blade, and bear a FIP signature consisting of a red flag symbol with the accompanying title in black. The new standard is to be applied on all new signs and whenever existing signs are being replaced or refurbished. All institution should use the standing offer described below to ensure all signage conforms to FIP requirements.

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