Strategic Outcomes #1
Natural resource sectors are internationally competitive, economically productive, and contribute to the social well-being of Canadians.
PA 1.1 Economic Opportunities for Natural Resources
1.1.1 Minerals and Metals Markets, Investment, Innovation and Productivity
1.1.2 Securing Forest Product Markets
1.1.3 Advancing Forest Product Innovation
1.1.4 Aligning Forest S&T Governance
1.1.5 Supporting Energy and Mineral Exploration
1.1.6 Energy Policy
1.1.7 Statutory Programs – Atlantic Offshore

PA 1.2 Natural Resource-based Communities
1.2.1 Minerals and Metals in Support of Communities
1.2.2 Forest-based Community Partnerships

Strategic Outcomes #2
Canada is a world-leader on environmental responsibility in the development and use of natural resources
PA 2.1 Clean Energy
2.1.1 Materials for Production and Transportation of Energy and Energy-Efficient Vehicles
2.1.2 Clean Energy Policy
2.1.3 Renewable Energy
2.1.4 Energy Science and Technology
2.1.5 Energy Efficiency and Alternative Transportation Fuels
2.1.6 Energy-based Sustainability in Pulp and Paper
PA 2.2 Ecosystem Risk Management
2.2.1 Strong Environmental Performance in Minerals and Metals
2.2.2 Forest Ecosystems Science and Application
2.2.3 Environmental Geoscience
2.2.4 Radioactive Waste Management


Strategic Outcomes #3
Natural resources and landmass knowledge strengthens the safety and security of Canadians and contributes to the effective governance of Canada
PA 3.1 Adapting to a Changing Climate and Hazard Risk Management
3.1.1 Mining, Infrastructure and Explosives Safety and Security
3.1.2 Forest Disturbances Science and Application
3.1.3 Climate Change Geoscience and Adaptation
3.1.4 Public Safety Geoscience
PA 3.2 Natural Resource and Landmass Knowledge for Canadians
3.2.1 Minerals and Metals Knowledge and Information
3.2.2 Essential Geographic Information
3.2.3 Federal Regulatory Process for Major Natural Resource Projects
PA 3.3 Geomtatics Canada Revolving Fund

4.1 Internal Services
4.1.1 Governance and Management Support
4.1.2 Resource Management Services 
4.1.3 Asset Management Services