Notes to the Financial Statements
Year ended March 31, 2011

The Agency is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the following acts: Agriculture and Agri-Food Administrative Monetary Penalties Act, Canada Agricultural Products Act, Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act, Feeds Act, Fertilizers Act, Fish Inspection Act, Health of Animals Act, Meat Inspection Act, Plant Breeders' Rights Act, Plant Protection Act, and Seeds Act.

In addition, the Agency is responsible for enforcement of the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and the Food and Drugs Act as they relate to food, except those provisions that relate to public health, safety, or nutrition.

Operating and capital expenditures are funded by the Government of Canada through parliamentary authorities. Compensation payments under the Health of Animals Act and the Plant Protection Act and employee benefits are authorized by separate statutory authorities. Revenues generated by its operations are deposited to the Consolidated Revenue Fund and are available for use by the Agency.

2. Summary of Significant Accounting Policies

The financial statements are prepared in accordance with Treasury Board accounting policies and year-end instructions issued by the Office of the Comptroller General which are based on Canadian generally accepted accounting principles for the public sector as required under Section 31 of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act. The presentation and results using the stated accounting policies do not result in any significant differences from Canadian generally accepted accounting principles, except as disclosed in Note 11 – Net Debt Indicator.

Significant accounting policies are as follows:

a) Parliamentary authorities

The Agency is mainly financed by the Government of Canada through parliamentary authorities. Authorities provided to the Agency do not parallel financial reporting according to generally accepted accounting principles since authorities are primarily based on cash flow requirements. Consequently, items recognized in the statement of operations and the statement of financial position are not necessarily the same as those provided through authorities from Parliament. Note 3 provides a high level reconciliation between the bases of reporting.