Description of Expenses Chart

This bar graph shows DFAIT’s 2009-2010 expenses.

The X axis denotes the different types of expenses. The Y axis displays percentages, from 0% to 45%.

Starting from the left, the first bar is “salaries and employee benefits,” which accounted to 40% of departmental expenses. The second bar is “transfer payments,” for 29%. The third bar is “professional and special services,” for 8%. The fourth bar is “rentals,” for 8%. The fifth bar is “travel and relocation,” for 4%. The sixth bar is “amortization,” for 3%. The seventh bar is “utilities, materials and supplies,” for 2%. The eighth bar is “acquisition of machinery and equipment,” for 2%. The ninth bar is “postage, freight, express and cartage,” for 1%. The tenth bar is “repairs and maintenance,” for 1%. The eleventh bar is “telecommunications,” for 1%. The twelfth bar is “information,” for 1%.