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Treasury Board Approvals to Fund the Government-Wide Advertising Plan (2012-2013 - Quarter 1)

Note to Users

The Cabinet determines where the funds for government advertising will be coming from; and these funds can come from other sources than the amount set aside annually by the Treasury Board for government advertising, such as departmental reference levels. As a result, government-wide advertising expenditures are often greater than the total amount reported here.

Department/Agency Campaigns 2012/2013 ($)
Canada Revenue Agency Encouraging Uptake of Tax Measures: Tax Filing Seasons 2011 and 2012 7,500,000
Encouraging Uptake of Tax Measures: Tax Filing Seasons 2011 and 2012 -1,500,000
Canadian Heritage Vignette to Commemorate the War of 1812 1,250,000
Canadian Heritage with Parks Canada Vignette to Commemorate the War of 1812 3,250,000
Citizenship and Immigration Canada Citizenship Guide 520,000
Combatting Immigration Fraud 1,000,000
Recruitment of Foreign Skilled Workers 425,000
Services to Newcomers 3,555,000
Finance Canada Economic Action Plan 16,000,000
Measures in Budget 2013 3,200,000
Measures in Budget 2013 -3,200,000
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Information for Travellers 4,000,000
Supporting Canadian Business in Foreign Markets 1,000,000
Health Canada Protecting the Health and Safety of Canadians 5,000,000
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada Better jobs 5,000,000
Old Age Security 8,000,000
Indian Affairs and Northern Development Nutritrion North Canada 300,000
Natural Resources Responsible Resource Development 5,000,000
Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP National Recruitment 2,000,000
RCMP National Recruitment -2,000,000
Status of Women Canada Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls 250,000
Veterans Affairs Canada Remembrance Vignette 3,500,000
Total 64,050,000