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Contract Management

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The Procurement and Project Management Policy Directorate (PPMPD) is part of the Government Operations Sector within the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. Its role is to provide strategic project and procurement management policy leadership to government departments, other central agencies, and other parts of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

PPMPD is guided in its activities by the government's Management Accountability Framework, a foundation for modernizing management practices across government. Specifically, the Directorate is responsible for management excellence within project and procurement policies, practices, and key tools.

Key efforts centre on advancing Treasury Board's Policy suite renewal to promote a much stronger management foundation for major investments supported by projects and procurement. A key to this will be ensuring government has a comprehensive integrated approach to the management of assets and services supported by an effective performance management regime.

Policy Responsibilities

Contracting Policy

The Treasury Board is responsible for the government's Contracting Policy. The Contracting Policy is a major part of the procurement framework. This framework guides on average 500,000 transactions related to goods, services, and construction each year. Collectively, these contracts are valued between $10 and $13 billion each year.

PPMPD works with departments, agencies, and other stakeholders to improve the policy and its implementation.

Project Management Policies

The government has established project management policies to support the significant investments it makes through the design, development, and acquisition of various types of assets. An example that illustrates these significant investments is Major Crown Projects (MCP), which are high-risk projects, generally valued at over $100 million. Projects in the Government of Canada can often be expected to involve technical, business, and significant public policy risks and are critical to transforming service delivery to Canada.

Good project management contains costs and mitigates risks contributing to the successful delivery of program objectives.

Other policies:

  • Policy on Title to Intellectual Property Arising under Crown Procurement Contracts
  • Policy on Decision Making in Limiting Contractor Liability in Crown Procurement Contracts
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