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Occupational Groups - Pre-1999 Groups

Archived information

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In 1999, the Government approved an occupational group structure with updated definitions. The new structure contains fewer occupational groups, some of which serve to consolidate older occupational groups that share certain common traits. It provides employees with more opportunities for career mobility and development, and it streamlines the collective bargaining process. Union affiliation is unaffected.

Pre-1999 Group
(In alphabetical order)
Current Group Current Group Title
ACSP(SCI)Applied Science and Patent Examination
AGSP(SCI)Applied Science and Patent Examination
AIAIAir Traffic Control
AOAOAircraft Operations
ARNRArchitecture, Engineering and Land Survey
ASPAProgram and Administrative Services
AUAVAudit, Commerce and Purchasing
BISP(SCI)Applied Science and Patent Examination
CAPLLeadership Programs
CHSP(SCI)Applied Science and Patent Examination
CMPAProgram and Administrative Services


AVAudit, Commerce and Purchasing
CRPAProgram and Administrative Services
CSCSComputer Systems
CXCXCorrectional Services
DAPAProgram and Administrative Services
DDTCTechnical Services
DESHHealth Services
EDEBEducation and Library Science
EGTCTechnical Services
ENNRArchitecture, Engineering and Land Survey
ESECEconomics and Social Science Services
EUEBEducation and Library Science
FIFIFinancial Management
FOSP(SCI)Applied Science and Patent Examination
FRSVOperational Services
FSFSForeign Service
GLSVOperational Services
GSSVOperational Services
GTTCTechnical Services
HPSVOperational Services


HSSVOperational Services
ISPAProgram and Administrative Services
LISVOperational Services
LSEBEducation and Library Science
MDSHHealth Services
MMPLLeadership Programs
MTSP(SCI)Applied Science and Patent Examination
NDSHHealth Services
NUSHHealth Services
OEPAProgram and Administrative Services
OMPA or HMProgram and Administrative Services or Human Resources Management
OPSHHealth Services
PCSP(SCI)Applied Science and Patent Examination
PEHMHuman Resources Management
PGAVAudit, Commerce and Purchasing
PHSHHealth Services
PITCTechnical Services
PMPAProgram and Administrative Services
PM-MCOPAProgram and Administrative Services
PR(Non-S)PR (Non-S)Printing Services
PR(S)SVOperational Services
PSSHHealth Services
PYTCTechnical Services
RORORadio Operations
SCSVOperational Services
SG-PATSP(PEB)Applied Science and Patent Examination
SG-SRESP(SCI)Applied Science and Patent Examination
SIECEconomics and Social Science Services
SOSOShip's Officers
SR(C)SR(C)Ship Repair Charge Hands
SR(E)SR(E)Ship Repair (East)
SR(W)SR(W) Ship Repair (West)
STPAProgram and Administrative Services
SWSHHealth Services
TITCTechnical Services
UTUTUniversity Teaching
VMSHHealth Services
WPPAProgram and Administrative Services
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