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Compensation and Labour Relations

  • Glossary of terms and definitions
    Many words and phrases used in Pay administration have a special meaning in the context of personnel management in the Public Service. These are the definitions of the most frequently used words and phrases.

Human resources management

  • Incumbent Data Element Dictionary
    The purpose of the Incumbent Data Element Dictionary is to identify and define all the data elements in the Incumbent System and identify the source of the information stored in each data element and/or the rules by which the information is generated.
  • Modernizing the Public Service
    This page provides links and resources to all of the current human resources modernization activities underway to provide employees and managers with a portal to information on these modernization initiatives.

Learning and leadership development

  • Competencies
    Competencies and their application to people management in the Public Service of Canada.

Talent management

  • Sample performance agreement template
    Sample performance agreement template
  • Talent map
    The Executive Talent Management Map is divided into six categories of assessment, represented by six separate columns: Ready for Advancement Now; Ready for Advancement, 1-2 years; Well-Placed in Role; Develop in Current Role; Reassign; and Transition to Retirement. Each column contains one to two points describing the criteria for that particular assessment category.
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