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Treasury Board Policy pursuant to paragraph 46(2)(a) of the Official Languages Act to give effect to Part V of the Act, concerning language of work

Effective date: June 27, 2005

The Treasury Board Policy on Language of Work is the instrument used for the application of certain key provisions in Part V of the Official Languages Act (OLA) concerning the language of work in federal institutions.

The Policy specifies that in regions designated as bilingual for language-of-work purposes, both official languages are the languages of work. In unilingual regions, the language of work is generally the one that predominates in the province or territory. The Policy does not provide for any transition period, following the move of a head office from a bilingual region to a unilingual region for language-of-work purposes.

For these reasons, pursuant to its authority under paragraph 46(2)(a) of the OLA, the Treasury Board establishes the following implementation principle to give effect to Part V of the Act, Language of Work: whenever a head office currently located in a bilingual region for language-of-work purposes is required to move to a unilingual region, the status quo pertaining to language-of-work rights of employees choosing to move will be maintained by the institution in order to enable Ministers to carry out appropriate consultations and consider the necessary adjustments. Once these consultations are completed and a general policy decision is made relating to language of work, this implementation principle will be cancelled or replaced.

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