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Awards, recognition and special events


  • Guide to Writing Work Descriptions for the Executive Group
    The purpose of this guide is to provide a framework for writing concise work descriptions for Executive (EX) Group positions for the determination of the classification level. This guide focuses on developing a work description that incorporates the three factors used to measure the work under the EX Group Classification Plan

Compensation and Labour Relations

  • Union Dues Reference Table
    The reference table on union dues is a tool to help with the application and administration of the union dues.

Diversity and employment equity

  • Employment equity and diversity award guidelines
    Embracing Change, the action plan tabled by the Task Force on the Participation of Visible Minorities, recommended the development of an annual national awards program to recognise individuals who make exemplary effort and achieve exemplary progress related to the Action Plan.

Human resources management

Learning and leadership development

  • Build your learning plan
    A learning plan is a personalized action plan designed to help you set and meet your professional development goals.

Talent management

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