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Awards open to public servants


Awards for the human resources community

Vision Award
Open to the human resources community in National Capital Region, Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec
The award recognizes outstanding contributions and accomplishments made by professionals in the field of human resources

International Personnel Management Association – Canada Awards
Open to human resources community
These awards recognize individuals, agencies, organizations and IPMA-Canada chapters for their contribution to the profession of human resources and/or to the goals of IPMA-Canada.

Awards for the information technology community

Alliance Innovation and Leadership Awards
Open to the technology community
The awards are the most prestigious annual awards conferred on individuals and corporations by Canada's advanced technology community.

GTEC Distinction Awards
Open to all technical fields
This award recognizes and celebrates leadership, innovation and excellence in enabling and managing e-government within the public sector.

Sara Kirke Award
Open to women in the technology industry
The award recognizes women who have shown outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership.

Awards for the sciences and engineering communities

Canadian Health Research Awards -- Partnership Award
Open to all researchers
The award recognizes partnerships between organizations that exemplify excellence by bringing health research communities together.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Herzberg Medal
Open to all scientists and engineers
The award is meant to celebrate Canada's most outstanding scientists and engineers and to raise public awareness about their contributions.

Awards for executives

Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX) Awards
Open to all executives
The award reflects and defines important contributions made by public service executives in leadership, partnership, service innovation and career contribution.

Heintzman Leadership Award
Open to all executives or equivalent
Recognizing individuals who have demonstrated outstanding and sustained leadership in making public service more responsive to the needs of citizens.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Open to all executives, deputy ministers or equivalent
This award recognizes the sustained and exceptional performance of duties and accomplishments by senior public service employees.

Awards open to departments and agencies as a whole

Best Workplaces in Canada
Open to departments and agencies as a whole
Awarded to organizations that are recognized as an employer of choice across Canada.


Arthur Kroeger College awards for Public Affairs  (latest update January 14, 2008)
Open to all Canadians
The award recognizes excellence in several of the areas which contribute significantly to the vibrancy of Canadian democracy and our society as a whole.

Canada Awards for Excellence 
Open to all public/private not-for-profit sector organizations
The Awards are presented annually to private, public and not-for-profit sector organizations that have displayed outstanding performance in the areas of Quality and Healthy Workplace.

Canada's Outstanding Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Year 
Open to all CEOs
The award recognizes outstanding leadership and achievement by a Canadian Chief Executive Officer.

Canada's top 40 under 40  (latest update January 14, 2008)
Open to all people under the age of 40
The program is designed to promote mentorship and professional development by introducing these leaders to the established business community and by promoting them as role models for young Canadians.

Canadian honours -- Governor General (various awards) 
Open to all Canadians
The awards recognize people who have demonstrated excellence, courage or exceptional dedication to service in ways that bring special credit to Canada.

Operational Service Medal – NEW!
The Operational Service Medal recognizes those who serve in or provide support to overseas operations other than those conducted in the presence of an armed enemy, as a Canadian citizen in the employment of Her Majesty in right of Canada or under contract with the Government of Canada, other than a member of the Canadian Forces or a person sworn as a police officer by a recognized Canadian polices force.

Canadian veterinary medical association (various awards) 
Open to all Canadians
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association grants awards to individuals and groups to recognize their contribution to veterinary medicine.

Canadian women in communications annual awards 
Open to all Women
The award recognizes women who have made an outstanding achievement, have supported the advancement of women, or who have shown long-term leadership and in all communications sectors.

CAPAM awards – NEW!
Open to all federal public service employees

As part of CAPAM's mission to promote good governance, it offers the CAPAM International Innovations Awards, which are the only international public sector awards that recognize and celebrate innovation in the public section in four key areas: Innovation in Public Service Management; Innovations in Government Services and Programs; Innovations in Citizen Engagement and Dialogue; Innovative Use of Technology in the Public Service.

Federal partners in technology transfer (FPTT) awards  (latest update January 14, 2008)
Open to all employees of the FPTT Partners
The award recognizes the successful transfer of technology from Canadian federal research organizations leading to significant public good or economic impact and the outstanding skill in technology transfer and/or excellence in technology transfer management.

Globe awards -- Urban sustainability award 
Open to all public organizations/agencies
The award is considered the most recognized and respected national award of its kind. They are presented to extraordinary companies and industry groups who have managed to balance competitive business strategies and sustainable development.

Governor General's awards in commemoration of the persons case
Open to all Canadians
The awards are presented annually to individual Canadians for their contributions to promote the equality women of all ages in Canada.

Note: An official call for nominations for the Governor General's Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case is made every spring. Nomination forms and brochures outlining selection criteria are always available on Status of Women Canada's website. Nominations may be submitted at any time and will be considered at the annual Selection Committee meeting, held in late summer.

IPAC award for innovative management
Open to all public sector organizations
The purpose of this award is to identify and publicize success stories in the public sector which are worthy of emulation, enhance the image of the public sector; and foster innovation in the public sector by encouraging and recognizing organizations and people for creative and effective ways of doing things.

IPAC/Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Awards  
Open to all organizations
This program recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve Canada, through advancements in public policy and management. Specifically, the program will profile individuals and/or teams who have dared to take their organizations in a new direction, in the pursuit of better outcomes.

John C. Polanyi award 
Open to all Canadians
The award recognizes and supports a university researcher or team of researchers whose work has led to a recent outstanding Canadians advance in natural sciences or engineering.

Lieutenant Governor's medal of distinction in public administration (Ontario) 
Open to all Public Servants
Since 1990, the Ontario Regional groups have encouraged and recognized excellence in public administration by annually awarding the Lieutenant Governor's Medal of Distinction in Public Administration. The Medal is awarded to the person who, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, has shown distinctive leadership in public administration in Ontario, or who, by writings and other endeavours, has made a significant contribution in the field of public administration in Ontario.

National Aboriginal Achievement awards 
Open to First Nations, Inuit and Métis People
The Awards recognize the outstanding career achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people, in diverse occupations. Now entering their fourteenth year, these Awards have become a Canadian institution.

National awards for innovation and excellence 
Open to all Canadians
To honour governments and/or public institutions and their private sector partners who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in the establishment of public-private partnerships, which benefit the public interest in infrastructure projects or service delivery.

National Managers' Community Leadership Awards
Open to managers and senior leaders in the federal public service.
The NMC Leadership Awards recognize managers and senior leaders who have contributed significantly to achieving the goals of the NMC and strengthen the public service.

Public service award of excellence
Open to all public servants
This award recognizes employees who have demonstrated excellence in the achievement of results for Canadians while exemplifying the values, ethics, and priorities of the Public Service.

Recognition program of the Quebec of Senior Federal Officials
Open to all federal public servants working in Quebec
The award recognizes interdepartmental achievements that transcend the individual interests of any one institution and serve as an inspiration to the entire public service.

Showcase Ontario awards of excellence 
Open to all public servants in partnership with the Ontario government
This is about demonstrating, highlighting and celebrating how the people who work in the Ontario Public Service are raising the bar for excellence and efficiency in public service.

Synergy awards for innovation
Open to all Federal Organization in partnership with Universities
Deadline: to be updated when available
This award honours outstanding university-industry Research and Development partnerships in the natural sciences and engineering fields.

The John Tait award of excellence (click on activities / awards) 
Open to all lawyers
The objective of this Award is to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of Public Sector Lawyers in Canada. The award is presented each year at the CBA Annual Conference to a public sector lawyer or law office who has achieved the highest standards of professional conduct and competence and made significant contributions to social justice or community affairs, and who exemplifies preeminent public service.

Thérèse Casgrain volunteer award 
Open to all Canadians
It recognizes volunteers whose social commitment and persistent efforts have contributed significantly to the advancement of a social cause and the well-being of their fellow Canadians.

United Nations Public Service Awards 
Open to all Public Organizations/Agencies
The awards is to recognize the institutional contribution made by public servants to enhance the role, professionalism, image and visibility of the public service.

Vanier Medal of the Institution of Public Administration of Canada 
Open to all Public Servants
The medal shall be presented as a mark of distinction and exceptional achievement to a person who has shown distinctive leadership in public administration in Canada, or who, by his or her writings or other endeavours, has made a significant contribution in the field of public administration in Canada.

YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction
Open to all Women
This award recognizes women who inspire others by their work in the community.