National Public Service Week

June 15 - 21, 2014
Theme: Proudly Serving Canadians

Federal public servants deliver a wide range of programs and services that support the work of the Government and the needs of Canadians in their day-to-day lives. The Government of Canada would not function without the commitment of the individuals that make up the Public Service.

Message from the Prime Minister on National Public Service Week

Message from the Clerk to all Public Servants

In celebration of National Public Service Week, meet Helen Small, a proud former public servant who, in 1950, became the first female analyst to work at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

Transcript and Alternative Formats

National Public Service Week Guide

National Public Service Week (NPSW) was created in 1992, following the passage of the National Public Service Week: Serving Canadians Better Act. Its objective is “to recognize the value of the services rendered by federal public service employees, [and to] acknowledge the contribution of federal public service employees to the federal administration.” NPSW was designed to promote pride in and recognition of the Public Service of Canada by providing internal recognition, and by raising Canadians' awareness of the excellence of the public service. Over the years, NPSW has become a truly national campaign that respects and reflects the diversity of the Public Service of Canada and the country itself. It is an opportune time to be creative and inclusive, to raise pride in our community and to develop partnerships with other communities. We are positive that, with your hard work and enthusiasm, NPSW 2014 will prove to be as successful as it has been in previous years

This guide has been developed to assist you and your volunteers in planning and organizing your events. It details the national-level planning process, the promotional material available to you and the steps involved in planning major events. It also includes information on leading practices and tips for success.

National Advisory Committee

The Awards and Recognition Team of the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer (OCHRO) is responsible for the national coordination of NPSW. Each year, in the Fall, it invites representatives from large and small departments, and Regional Federal Councils (RFCs) to take part in the National Advisory Committee.

The National Advisory Committee provides strategic advice on the overall approach to NPSW. The Committee defines the theme for the year and determines best practices. It also makes key recommendations for communications products.


Each year, the Chief Human Resources Officer invites departments and agencies to participate in and contribute to NPSW. Funding is based on a fixed amount per employee. More than 90 percent of the funds collected are distributed to Regional Federal Councils for interdepartmental events. The remainder is retained for national coordination and communication product development.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Awards and Recognition Team, OCHRO – Our Role

The OCHRO is the national coordinator of NPSW. In this capacity, the Awards and Recognition Team develops a national communications strategy, including a theme, corporate messages, and promotional material for use by departments and agencies. The Team is also responsible for collecting funds from deputy heads and heads of agencies to contribute to a central fund and for distributing the funds to RFCs for interdepartmental activities across Canada.

The Awards and Recognition Team is available to help you at any time. In fact, the success of NPSW is dependent on our solid partnership.

National Departmental Coordinators – Your Role

Each department and agency is responsible for appointing its own coordinator to organize its departmental activities, and the RFC coordinators are responsible for organizing the interdepartmental events in their respective regions.

The NPSW coordinator is key to the success of the Week. It is the coordinator's responsibility to coordinate events that align with his or her organization's business lines.

List of Departmental coordinators

Regional Coordinators (Regional Federal Councils) – Your Role

Each RFC must name an individual to coordinate the organization of the interdepartmental activities that will take place in its respective region.

The people responsible for NPSW in regional offices are asked to contact their RFC coordinator to work together on the interdepartmental activities.

List of Regional coordinators

Communications Material

Communications material for National Public Service Week, as well as graphic identifiers and web buttons, are available in downloadable versions below. All material is bilingual.


This generic poster can be used as a pop-up on computer screens or printed and displayed in high-traffic areas in your building. Minimal printing is encouraged.

Recognition Certificates

Bilingual recognition certificates can be used to thank volunteers for their participation in an event or to thank a colleague, employee or a superior for his or her work, collaboration or team work.

Graphic Identifier

Use the official graphic identifier for National Public Service Week for all your promotional events.

Web Button

Post a web button for National Public Service Week on your departmental intranets.

Ideas for Success

Coordinators are encouraged to visit the NPSW page on GCPEDIA (accessible to Government of Canada employees only) for practical suggestions and ideas on events for the week. Here, you may also share your ideas and best practices with others.

Final Reports

In order to keep track of our successes in highlighting the contributions of employees, OCHRO will send departmental and RFC coordinators an evaluation questionnaire to fill out or to use as a reference in preparing their activities report. This report must then be returned to OCHRO before the end of July.

A national report on NPSW will be completed in the Fall and will serve as the key document for the NPSW National Advisory Committee to plan for next year.


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