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Management Accountability Framework

The Management Accountability Framework (MAF) is a key performance management tool that the federal government uses to:

  • Support the management accountability of deputy heads.
  • Improve management practices across departments and agencies.

For more information on MAF, please refer to:

  • Overview of MAF: provides links to specific information about MAF. This includes information on MAF's objectives, the 10 elements of MAF, how MAF works, how MAF improves management practices, and how MAF has evolved since its creation.
  • MAF Video: provides information on the MAF and how it is being used across the federal government to improve management practices and performance.
  • Methodology and Results: includes information on past and current MAF assessments, and links to the assessments themselves.
  • International References: provides information on international models that are similar to MAF and shows how they compare to MAF. Links to the websites of some of these international models are also included.